Tattoo care

Immediately afterwards

We will wrap your tattoo hygienically and make sure that your fresh tattoo is not exposed to any unnecessary bacteria! Please make sure that from now on, you regularly wash your tattoo briefly and carefully with anti-bacterial soap.

If you want, you can cover it with a film wrap again to protect it – but in the end, you need to make sure that your skin gets enough oxygen, so it can breathe and heal. If you are exposed to dust and dirt, cover your tattoo… otherwise, let it breathe.

It is quite possible that your skin will continue to haemorrhage cell fluid and excess colour for up to 24 hours afterwards.

Care pro-tip: if your shirt or trousers stick to your tattoo when you get up in the morning, then take a warm shower, still wearing your pyjamas, instead of pulling at the fabric. This will allow you to simply and painlessly remove the clothing from your new tattoo!

The first few days

From now on, grease the skin as often as possible. Do not apply the cream too thickly or too thinly. The skin should ideally stay smooth and have a film of healing cream on it at all times, without your clothing sticking to it too much. Do not cream the skin too thickly, or let it dry out. Our product recommendations are either Bepanthen Plus or Vita-Wund. In this phase, it is better to cream often and less, rather than once and more.

In the next 8-10 days, please avoid:

• Saunas, steam baths or swimming pools
• Long or intensive showers or baths
• Extreme stress on the affected skin via touch or sweat. 30 minutes of running or similar activities should be fine after three days. Please skip that Judo class this week, though 🙂
• Sunbathing or solariums
• Dirt in general: you should protect yourself from dust in particular!

The end of the healing phase

After 8-12 days, your skin will begin to peel, more in some cases than in others. Do not scratch it or pull at the skin! Any forceful removal of the skin crust will remove the pigments from your skin and leave unattractive patches in your tattoo. Leave it alone and let your body do its work.
This way you will have achieved ideal aftercare results, and can enjoy your brilliant tattoo for a long time.

The rest of your life

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a healed tattoo! Please continue to take care of it, applying moisturising cream now and again, or sunblock (factor 50) when you are on the beach and enjoying the sun. Because – every pigment suffers from too much direct sunlight. And now…I am looking forward to welcoming you for your new project!

If you experience complications, please call either us at
Philip Herberstein 0676 362 37 27
• Or at the department for dermatology at the AKH Vienna telephone 01 404 00-78140
• Fax 404 00-76990