I am not always obliging during the idea-finding and development process. I will tell you immediately if I have a different opinion on the technical or artistic front. I like to let inspiration strike in the moment while working, and do a lot of things spontaneously – I put lines and spaces into the tattoo as they come to me – while I am tattooing.

This is the only way for me to create a personal and unique piece, which interacts with the body of its owner.

This is exactly why my customers find me, and I find my customers.

Despite this, I am a cautious person and aware of my responsibility. This means that my tattoos are often a hybrid between something of technical and artistic extravagance, without watering down what the individual customer wants to express with their tattoo – be it on the arm, the chest, the back, or one of the many other spots waiting for a perfect tattoo accent.

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